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How to Hunt Ethically in Texas

How to Hunt Ethically in Texas

There is a furious debate happening in the hunting world, and it centers around the ethics of using relatively new technology in hunting: drones. While hunting assisted by drones is legal in some states, it is fully illegal in Texas unless the hunter has a special license from the TPWD. Even if this restriction were lifted, we would have to consider whether the use of drones can be part of how to hunt ethically in Texas in the first place.

A central tenant of ethical hunting is fair chase. The Boone & Crockett Club has declared that fair chase “is the ethical, sportsmanlike, and lawful pursuit and taking of any free-ranging wild game animal in a manner that does not give the hunter an improper or unfair advantage over the game animals.”

There seems to be no ambiguity here: using drones to spot game from the air with the plan to pursue them and kill them is absolutely an unfair advantage. No animal will see a drone and understand that it should hide or flee from a hunter in pursuit.

As hunters, we use all kinds of technologies to give us a leg up. We use blinds, camouflage, scent masking, binoculars, aiming scopes, and above all, guns that will drop even massive animals with one well-placed shot. None of these specialized tools mean that we do not have to wake up at 4, track our prey, hide strategically, then take our best shot.

In nature, animals have different strengths as well. While we have our intellect, our inventions, and our opposable thumbs, there is no denying that the wolf’s fangs and ability to chase prey as a group until the pursued creature drops from exhaustion are also an advantage. Similarly, the puma’s ability to hide, silently stalk, then pounce and bite with incredible power all give them the ability to take down virtually any land mammal in the lower 48.

This is part of the logic that makes it reasonable for us as hunters to arm ourselves to conduct successful hunts. Yet we must remain cautious and remember that the only difference between hunters and poachers is how they take down their prey. When we adhere to both ethics and the law, we remain in the category of hunters who observe conservation efforts.

At our best, hunters are part of protecting and promoting the safeguarding of wildlife and the wildernesses in which they live. At Nine Bar Ranch, we are strong supporters of both legal and ethical hunting. Thanks to the massive lands we are blessed to own, we have been able to cultivate huge roaming areas for our herds of wild boar as well as our beautiful exotic game animals.

If you are on the prowl for a thrilling, adventure-packed hunt in pursuit of game you have never seen before, we should be your first destination in North Texas. To reserve your hunting trip today, please contact us!

Hunting in TX With a Disability

Hunting in TX With a Disability

Hunting in TX with a disability is only slightly more nuanced than hunting for others—often with more options for flexible hunting methods in favor of hunters with disabilities. Whether you are newly disabled, a disabled veteran, or simply looking into hunting in TX as a disabled hunter for the first time, we’ve got you covered. Read on for information that will help you kick off this season with a bang!

Motor Vehicle Use

At Nine Bar Ranch, we are excluded from vehicle restrictions because we are a private ranch. On public land, though, a paraplegic, single, or double leg amputee is permitted to hunt from a motor vehicle. If worries about long hikes down trails has held you back from hunting, let 2024 be the year you set your concerns aside and do all you can with what you have.

As a disabled person, you can also drive on roads that are not available to able-bodied hunters. Speak to rangers or your local hunting resource for information regarding specific roads that can help you reach hunting locations.

More specifically:

“The provisions of Chapter 59, Subchapter J of this title (relating to Off-Highway Vehicle Trail and Recreational Area Program) do not apply to a disabled person or a person assisting a disabled person who is participating in department-sanctioned activities on public hunting lands.”*

Hunting License Requirements

If you are classified as a disabled veteran, first, let us thank you for your service. We appreciate your sacrifice on behalf of our country.

Whether you are a Texas resident or a non-resident, your service-connected disability resulting in the loss of the use of at least one limb OR a disability of 50% or more qualifies you for a free Disabled Veteran “Super Combo” License.

We encourage all disabled veterans who qualify to take advantage of this small perk!

Hunting from a Blind

While there are hunters who swear by tree stands, disabled hunters may find it impossible to set up and/or reach them. As an alternative, we recommend a strategically placed ground blind. When situated properly and used with absolute stillness, ground blinds can be just as effective. In fact, often hunters report better statistical kills from ground blinds than tree blinds.

Remember, deer see movement very well. Remain completely still, and you have an excellent chance of nabbing a deer during the next season.

Hunting While Blind

If you are legally blind, you are permitted to use laser sighting devices on your firearm. To qualify, you need only present a signed statement from your physician confirming your legal blindness.

As a blind hunter, you must be accompanied by a licensed hunter who is thirteen years of age or older. By hunting with us at Nine Bar Ranch, you will be able to hunt in the same way as all our guests, because the staff here can fill this role for you.

Get In Touch

Do you have additional questions about hunting as a person with a disability here on the ranch? Please contact us today! We treat all hunters with the same respect and support, regardless of age, gender, physical ability, or experience. No matter who you are, you can have the hunt of your dreams at Nine Bar Ranch.


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