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Spring Hog Hunting Tips for North Texas Hunters

Spring Hog Hunting Tips for North Texas Hunters

Texas has the largest wild hog population in the US. Feral hogs are an invasive species that breed quickly and pose a significant threat to natural crops and the Texas ecosystem. Because of the nuisance caused by wild hogs, hog hunting has been encouraged and grown into a quintessential Texas hunting experience. Whether you are an experienced hog hunter or a beginner looking to bag your first hog, Nine Bar Ranch has a hog hunting experience for you. Here are some Spring hog hunting tips for your next hunt at Nine Bar.

1. Be Quiet and Conceal Scent

Hogs have a notoriously weak sense of vision. But while they are not likely to easily spot you with their eyes, they have an excellent sense of smell and hearing to sense predators or threats in the area. Because of this heightened sense of hearing, keeping noise to a minimum when hogs are near during your hunt is helpful. Some hunters even mask their scent by avoiding colognes, scented lotions, shampoos, and detergents. Washing hunting clothes in hot water and baking soda can help mask the human scent.

2. Camouflage

Just because hogs do not have a great sense of vision does not mean they are blind. While you may not need to be decked out in head-to-toe camo gear, you should specifically avoid shiny or reflective items on a hog hunt. Jewelry, watches, and even sunglasses can catch the sun in a way that hogs will notice. Keep these items at home. While you can use the blinds on our ranch to conceal much of your movement, be mindful of using slow, deliberate movements when exposed.

3. Aim to Kill Quick

Hogs have very thick skin and are known to be hardy and aggressive animals. If you shoot them and do not hit a vital organ, there is a major risk that they will flee or even charge toward you. Make sure you are lined up for a good shot when you are shooting. Aim for the heart (slightly above the elbow), the lungs (behind the shoulders), or the brain. A well-placed shot will ensure you walk away with your hog.

4. Use the Right Weapons and Ammunition

As previously mentioned, wild hog skin is thick and tough. You are going to need something powerful enough to take these hogs down. But you must also use a weapon that performs consistently at a distance. The consistency of your shot will come from practicing shooting the same gun with the same ammunition over and over. Bow hunters also need to ensure their bow can shoot an arrow at a distance with accuracy and enough force to pierce the tough skin of a hog. You can expect consistency during your hunting experience when you practice with consistency.

Nine Bar Ranch has some of the best hog hunting in Texas! We set up blinds 60-100 yards away from feeders that go off twice in the morning and twice in the evenings. We rotate blinds to ensure we do not burn a spot. Our experts can help you have a successful hog hunt, even in the daytime. Our hog hunts come with a two-night stay and two full hunting days, including professional guides, field dressing, skinning, and quartering. Schedule your spring hog hunt today!

Bow Hunting in North Texas: Selecting the Right Compound Bow

Bow Hunting in North Texas: Selecting the Right Compound Bow

It is often said that there are no bad bows these days, and that’s mostly true. Bow technology has evolved drastically even in just the past five years. There are many fantastic options out there, and narrowing down your choices can sometimes be challenging. When bow hunting in North Texas is on your list of things to get into this summer, choosing your next compound bow should be on your To-Do List ASAP. Which bow you end up with will come down primarily to your hunting goals and preferred shooting style. Here are some crucial factors to consider when selecting your next bow purchase.

1. Shop New Bows

Bow technology has evolved rapidly over the last decade. The mid-priced bows released this year are undoubtedly better than the top-of-the-line bows from five or six years ago. Look to purchase a new bow, even if it isn’t the most expensive on the market.

2. Ignore the Hype; Try Bows Yourself

Of course, individual bow companies will try hard to sell you their product with big promises on use and ability. Don’t make your purchase based on these big marketing claims. The most reliable critic is yourself. Go to stores where you can shoot and test different bows. Shoot your friend’s bows in similar styles to see if you like them. Only you can determine what bow feels best in your hands and meets your preferences.

3. Avoid Brand Loyalty

It can be easy in the hunting community to develop immense loyalty for specific brands and products. Maybe you grew up using a particular brand or have never used another. But die-hard brand loyalty could cause you to miss out on the bow that is the best fit for you. Shopping smart means ignoring the label on the bow and paying more attention to the bow itself.

4. Compare Speed vs. Shootability—but Don’t Forget Efficiency

Speed vs. shootability is what people talk about when comparing bows. Speed is how fast a bow can fling an arrow. Shootability is less discernable but generally refers to the smoothness with which the bow is drawn and fired. Typically, more speed tends to mean less shootability. But you should also keep efficiency in mind when testing bows. How efficiently a bow transfers energy, the more power and speed you get out of a bow with less effort.

The variable factor here is the shooter. If you can quickly and effectively shoot a hard-to-draw bow that packs a big punch, you will have the advantage of using more powerful bows. But you don’t want to sacrifice shootability or efficiency for power. Find a bow that is easy to handle and shoot to maximize your efficiency.

5. Shop in Your Budget

Yes, flagship bows have a lot to offer and are often the best of the best available on the market today. But there are plenty of great bow options at every price point. Mid-line and budget bows still have a lot of value, and hunters using these bows are at no more of a handicap than hunters using top-quality equipment.

The right bow for you will depend on your skills, experience level, physicality, application, hunting environment, personal preference, and much more! Keep an open mind and try as many bows as possible before purchasing.