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Basic Deer Hunting Techniques

basic deer hunting techniques

Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” You may be surprised that in addition to this referencing Roosevelt’s perspective on foreign policy and handling crisis, it can also be applied in the sport of hunting. The soft, tiptoed footsteps through the woods paired with a tight grip on your choice of weapon epitomizes the phrase above. Just as Roosevelt preferred to avoid violence unless necessary, but continued to “carry a big stick” in order to intimidate and take action if needed, a hunter carries a “big stick” so they’re ready at the sight of a deer. Being stealthy isn’t the only necessity to hunting, but it’s the first step. A few basic deer hunting techniques (along with being quiet) will you have you wrangling home a prize in no time.

Hunting isn’t a recently discovered sport; it’s been around for longer than we can even imagine. Though it’s not a pastime for everyone, it can be addictive to some. Something about the silence and serenity of the woods lures people back for more. Perhaps you’re a rookie hunter and are looking for a few quick tips before you go out.

Let’s start with finding a place to hunt. Before hunting season begins, you may want to check out hunting spots near you. It’s important to make sure you won’t be hunting on someone else’s property, or if you are, ask their permission. Our advice: take some time to walk through the area in which you’ll be hunting to scope out any tracks or droppings. Wooded environments with apple, oak, or beech trees in the fall and brush and trees that are next to crop fields in the summer are sure to attract deer.

If you’re looking for advice from professionals in your area, try calling the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in your state or the Wildlife Resources Commission. Let them know that you’re a first time hunter and they’ll give you advice on hunting areas near you. Once you officially set out, don’t forget to take a compass and map. The last thing you want to do is get lost.

Next step: choose the desired weapon. You don’t have a ton of options to choose from, but the two most common are a rifle and a bow. Check to see if your state has certain requirements on which weapons are permitted. Once you know which rifle or bow that you’ll be using, become proficient. The most essential, but probably the most neglected, requirements for safe hunting are proficiency and familiarity with your weapon. If you’re a first-timer, figure out which weapon you plan to use a few months ahead of time so that you have an opportunity to get comfortable.

Typically, rifles should be .243 caliber or larger and bows should be no less than 45-pound-pull. Practice shooting from a variety of positions – kneeling, standing, sitting, etc. Also, it’s good to practice shooting from different ranges. Don’t overestimate your shooting range. You should be able to hit the heart-lung area of a deer (about a 6-inch-diameter circle) several times in a row. It’s important to be confident in your skills before aiming at live meat.

Before you go into the woods, make you’re properly dressed. Yes, camouflage is incredibly helpful, but you don’t want to be mistaken for an animal. Make sure to wear some type of orange on you. You can also increase your stealth by washing your clothes in baking powder and storing them in a bag with the foliage of a local evergreen.

Now you’re ready to enter the woods. You’ve located hunting grounds and honed in on your sharpshooting skills, and you’re ready to set up a tree stand. Once you’ve parked yourself, be patient and silent. Now is when you speak (or step) softly and carry a big stick (or weapon). Take your time-good things come to those who wait. If you don’t immediately find a prize, keep trying. If you don’t already, you may just come to love the beautiful sport of hunting.

When preparing to go hunting, you can also give us a call here at Nine Bar Ranch and we can help you with all of your hunting needs!


Why We Stand out Above Other Hunting Ranches in North Texas

hunting ranches in north texas

Do you ever get that relentless craving to satisfy your sweet tooth? You probably scavenge
for your favorite candy or sift through the freezer for a box of ice cream. We can all relate to
food cravings, but have you ever craved an exciting and unique adventure in the southern
United States? Look no further than the finest of all hunting ranches in North Texas: Nine
Bar Ranch.

Located about 45 minutes northwest of Dallas/Fort Worth, Nine Bar Ranch is owned and
operated by the Waggoner-Sauder family. With over 12,000 acres of sprawling Texas land,
our family and the ranch have been a part of the Texas ranching community for a century.
Because we strive to be family-oriented, when you arrive for your hunting trip, we hope you
immediately feel like family. On our ranch today, members of the Sauder family and Jim
Bob Little keep the ranch operating at top speed. As part of our family-oriented ranch, we
provide delicious meals, welcoming lodging, hunting guides, and care after harvest,
including field dressing, skinning, and quartering.

We offer unique seasonal packages such as the turkey/hog combo, with which you can
harvest one turkey and unlimited hogs. If you’re interested in an additional turkey, it’s only
$200. Also, this two-day hunt provides meals, housing, and a hunting guide. Our other
seasonal package is a dove hunting package. For only $150 per hunter, you can do five
group hunts per season with up to 40 hunters in each group. This package is especially
useful for group hunting, making it one of our most unique packages!

Among our 12,000 acres, we have 2,500 acres fenced off exclusively for exotic game
hunting, while the rest remains free-range. The Texas landscape is incomparable, and we
do our best to give our guests the greatest views. Even more beautiful are the two creeks
that run through the ranch, the Catlett Creek and the Sweetwater Creek. These aren’t the
only waterways on the property; there are many more small creeks as well as large fresh
water tanks. This means that the wildlife at Nine Bar Ranch do not feel pressured as they
may feel in other settings. When you combine creeks with the incomparable topography and
land structure, you end up with a beautiful, natural landscape that pairs an unrivaled hunting
experience with unique game.

Our hunting guides are professionals at what they do. Many of them have grown up on
ranches their entire lives and know their way around. Their goal is to give you the absolute
best hunting experience that you could imagine using their knowledge and expertise.
Depending on your desires for the hunt, you will either use the spot and stalk method or the
hunting blind method. Most shots are taken within 200 yards, which almost guarantees that
you will bring home the trophy you’ve been imagining.

Nine Bar Ranch is committed to providing the best experience possible so that you can
satisfy that craving. We hope that it will be all that you’ve dream it to be. If you have a
“hunting” tooth to satisfy, visit our website, send us an email, or give us a call. We’d love to
answer any questions you may have and give you a warm invitation to come hunt with us!