Here in North Texas, we’re in the midst of the fall hunting season. In early November, the general white-tailed deer, turkey, and duck hunting seasons open while the dove hunting season temporarily comes to a close. What you may not realize is that hog hunting in Texas is permitted year round. Why is that the case and what should you know about it? Read on to find out.

Why Are There No Time Limits on Hog Hunting?

There are an estimated four to six million hogs across North America, and roughly half of them are right here in Texas. Hogs have become one of the most destructive invasive species to walk our lands, destroying crops and making beautiful parks dangerous for visitors.

Hogs have no natural predators in Texas and reproduce at a high rate. They’re tough creatures, surviving in just about any climate and evading the traps set by frustrated farmers and public groundskeepers. Hog hunting is a year-round activity in Texas because state officials determined an unending open season the best way to control this stubborn population.

Do You Need a License for Year-Round Hog Hunting in Texas?

Any seasoned hunter would naturally assume that you need a valid hunting license to hunt wild hogs. As of 2019, the state lifted this requirement under specific circumstances. If you have permission to hunt wild hogs on private land, you do not need a hunting license to do so.

That said, you always need a hunting license to hunt public lands in Texas, even when you’re specifically tracking hogs.

When Is the Best Time of Year for Hog Hunting?

Though you can hunt hogs at any time in Texas, you may find it easier to find and bag them at certain times of year than others. Many people reserve their hog hunting for the spring, specifically between the months of March and May.

By far, you’re going to have the best luck between December and February. In the winter months, hogs have to work harder to find food, which means they’re moving more frequently and exposing themselves to keen hunters.

Why Choose NineBar Ranch for Hog Hunting in North Texas?

The hog population may be booming, but that doesn’t mean that hogs are easy to find. At NineBar Ranch, we foster conditions that keep hogs nearby without sacrificing the challenge of the hunt.