The summer is behind us and it’s time to prep your gear for hunting in North Texas. At Nine Bar Ranch, we’re always looking to share our expertise with new and experienced hunters alike. Read on for five fall hunting tips you won’t want to miss.

Extend Deer Season with Archery

White-tail deer are active this time of year and you may not want to wait until November to start hunting them. Fortunately, you can get started as early as the end of September if you’re willing to give archery a try. Bowhunting requires a whole new set of skills and mastering the art can bring you back to that thrill of your first bagged deer.

Prep for Thanksgiving with Turkey Hunting

The fall and winter holidays will be here before you know it, and what better way to celebrate than with a turkey you caught yourself? Most Texas hunters associate the turkey hunt with spring, but you’ve got another opportunity between November and December. That said, turkeys tend to gather in large numbers in the fall, and you’ll need high-quality camo to escape their keen sight.

Get Ready for the Rut

Seasoned hunters know that the rut is the best time to go searching for a buck. When bucks are tracking the scent of does, they throw caution to the wind, moving out in the open and paying less attention to the sounds and smells of nearby hunters. Unlike the southern part of the state, the rut in North Texas can begin as early as October, and you won’t want to miss this window to bag an impressive buck.

Track Cold Fronts

Though we get most of our below-freezing temperatures in the winter, there are occasional cold fronts that pass through North Texas in the late fall. If you get the chance, schedule a hunting trip the day before the temperature is predicted to drop drastically. Many animals, including deer, tend to increase activity when they sense a major shift in weather, seeking out plenty of food to sustain them through the coming chill.

Go for Exotic Game

White-tail deer and wild turkeys are great native species to include on your North Texas hunting bucket list. However, at Nine Bar Ranch, you aren’t limited to the animals that call Texas home. We’ve got populations of aoudads, sika, red stags, and more, so book your trip today.