Best Places to Hunt in North Texas

As we approach the fall hunting season, Texas hunters around the state are getting their permits, scheduling their hunting trips, and entering the public drawing system. If you don’t want to travel far west to the Edwards Plateau or down to the South Plains, what are your options?  We’re here to talk about a few of the more accessible hunting spots in the North Texas area that you can knock off your bucket list this season.

The Post Oak Savannah is a long stretch of land that spans from North Texas to parts of South Texas, creating a border between the prairie land to the east and the forest to the west. While much of it consists of private land, there is one WMA bordering North and East Texas that hunters can enjoy, and that’s Engeling.

For small game, Engeling is open to all who have their Annual Public Hunting permit. For deer hunting opportunities, hunters can enter the public drawing system with a better chance of winning, as typically only a few hundred people (as opposed to thousands) try to snag Engeling each year.

The Piney Woods are North Texas’s claim to fame when it comes to both big and small game hunting. However, much of the Piney Woods have been divided up into lots that are controlled by private owners. If you’re looking for a public hunting opportunity not too far from Dallas, it’s time to head to Lake O’ the Pines.

Lake O’ the Pines is home to hogs, ducks, squirrels, and deer. For best luck sighting deer, head to areas that are flush with oak trees, including the lake’s upper floodplain.

Nine Bar Ranch

If you’re planning a weekend hunting trip in North Texas, check out Nine Bar Ranch. Located just east of Decatur, we offer some of the best hunting opportunities North Texas has to offer—with lodging to boot. Nine Bar Ranch is comprised of over 12,000 acres of land, offering diverse topography that supports wildlife ranging from whitetail to sika to hogs and more.

The fall hunting season is right around the corner, kicking off with dove hunting and moving swiftly into deer and whitetail season. To book your trip, contact us today.