North Texas hunting tips

This is the time of year when Texas hunters begin buckling down and preparing for the fall hunting season. Deer, turkey, and doves are all in season in the wild, though hunting here at the Ranch is far more varied. Today, the team at Nine Bar Ranch is sharing our Top 5 North Texas hunting tips as the fall season approaches. Let’s get ready and get hunting!

1. Clean and Check Your Gear

Now’s the time to give your hunting gear some TLC. Make sure your rifles, bows, and clothing are in tip-top shape. Organize your gear so that you can easily pack up and head out anytime you like.

2. Make Time for Target Practice

It’s surprising how much our aim can suffer after just a few months off. Before you head out on your fall hunting trips, make time for target practice. By brushing up on your skills now, you’ll make it much more likely that your first big hunt of the season is successful.

3. It’s Turkey Time

Turkey hunting isn’t just for spring, though some of the same tactics used then will be helpful now. Remember, wild turkeys have great eyesight, so don’t skimp on camouflage gear. In the fall, turkeys can gather in groups of over 100 individuals, making it much easier to find them—but all the more likely that one of them will spy you!

The hormonal frenzy that ensures turkeys will respond to our calls in the spring isn’t a helpful factor in the fall, so using a scout to find a large flock, then moving stealthily is a better fall hunting tactic.

If you’re out in a blind this fall hunting larger game, you may find that you also have the opportunity to bag your Thanksgiving bird without making any special effort!

4. Doves in Droves

This year’s weather and habitat conditions mean that we should see a huge surge in dove populations this fall. If you love to hunt mourning, white-winged, and white-tipped doves, this year looks promising for you!

The state’s biologists have been hard at work tagging doves to measure our hunting yields. If a dove you hunt has a leg band, please report it to help with ongoing observation efforts.

5. Brush Up On Your Safety Measures

In Texas, the fall hunting season is a busy one. Even in less active seasons, no less than half a million hunters are out hunting deer, turkey, and doves. Remember to avoid back, blue, and red clothing, since these colors are more likely to confuse hunters.

If you want to pursue some game that’s far more exotic than the wild animals Texas lands harbor, contact us. We’re proud of the huge variety we cultivate on our massive lands, and we love sharing our bounty with our guests.

To book your stay, or ask questions about our hunting packages, just get in touch. We look forward to hunting with you this fall!