When hunters dream of hunting season, we tend to picture heading out on a perfectly clear, slightly crisp morning, sun rising in a gorgeous display of colors. While these days certainly do happen, they aren’t as common as we would hope. We’re much more likely to experience extreme Texas weather while hunting – like high heat, wind, rain, and sometimes—though we try to avoid it—fog.

It is possible to have a successful hunt during many less-than-ideal weather conditions. Today we’re sharing our best tips for hunting in extreme weather. Don’t let the weather keep you from heading out; sometimes extreme weather delivers the perfect specimens directly into your path.

1. Excessive Heat

It’s no secret that Texas is HOT during the summer and early fall. It’s tough to hunt in extreme heat, but we have strategies to increase your success and keep you as comfortable as possible.

Choose lightweight, breathable clothing, preferably with high UPF protection built in. If your clothing isn’t UPF, slather on some highly protective sunscreen.

We all tend to sweat when the temperature rises. As we sweat, our increased odors make it much easier for our prey to detect us. Using odor-eliminating sprays throughout the day will increase your chance of a successful hunt.

Water is also CRUCIAL during summer hunts in Texas. Not only do you need more water in the heat, but your prey will also seek out water to stay hydrated and cool. Setting up your blind near water can be a great strategy for allowing your prey to come directly to you.

2. High Winds

There’s no way to avoid it: hunting in high winds is a slow, arduous process. However, it can give you the advantage over your prey.

Deer, antelope, oryx, and other herd animals struggle in high winds. They can’t see movement as well, and their sense of hearing is blunted by the sound of the wind itself.

If you’re strategic about choosing a spot to hunker down out of the wind, you’ll either have the drop on your prey, or you’ll be in a great spot to see a herd on the move the instant the wind dies down.

Avoid setting up under trees that are swaying in the wind; it’s all too likely that they will drop branches or fall directly on you.

3. Heavy Rains

We field a lot of questions about whether it’s even worth heading out to hunt in the rain. While we understand rainy hunts aren’t the ideal day for most hunters, it’s definitely worth hunting in the rain.

Similar to high winds, heavy rain may keep herds hunkered down, but they will be on the move as soon as there’s a break in the intensity of the rain.

If rain is mild or moderate, herds will most likely move about happily, apparently enjoying the weather.

You, however, will want to wear a rain suit. Spring for materials that are packable, quiet during movement, and made with sturdy construction. A rain suit that tears or punctures easily isn’t going to do you much good during the rigors of the hunt.

Do you have further question about adaptations you can make to succeed on the hunt during extreme Texas weather conditions? Contact us directly. We look forward to helping you prepare for a great day out on the Texas ranch!