Exotic Game Hunts, Texas

Are you ready for an experience of a lifetime? If you’ve ever envisioned experiencing exotic game hunts, Texas is legendary for its variety of species, thus is the ideal state for such an endeavor. At Nine Bar Ranch, we have over 12,000 acres of beautiful scenery and hunting grounds. As part of the Texas ranching community since the early 1900s, our staff is committed to leading our customers to the best game in the area. Don’t doubt that you’ll be coming home with a harvest in hand.

Maybe you have a specific animal in mind that you’ve been itching to hunt, or maybe you’re just looking for a new experience. In Texas, game can range from whitetail deer and water buffalo to wild boars (there are plenty of these!), ram, scimitar horned oryx, and even more than 30 types of animals from Africa and other continents and states. Believe it or not, a few species of exotic animals are more common in Texas than in the countries from which they came. Exotic hunting has no in-season or off-season, therefore we are permitted to hunt year-round.

If possible, we typically allow customers to choose the method of exotic hunting that they desire. For example, hunters can opt for the Spot and Stalk method, Stand Hunting, Bow Hunting, Safari Style Hunting, Rifle Hunting, Black Powder, or Handgun. The animal that you are hunting may play a factor in which type of weapon that you choose. The most popular forms of hunting are Stand Hunting, Spot and Stalk, and Safari Style, which is the method that is used in Africa.

A few of the more exotic game species that Nine Bar Ranch focuses on specifically include the scimitar horned oryx, blackbuck antelope, sika deer, hogs, fallow deer, red stag, aoudad, and whitetail deer. Each species has their own hunting parameters, such as the season in which they are most active and their behavior patterns. Our ranch provides information for our hunters about each animal and our leaders will assist in coming home with a trophy.

For example, the fallow deer is especially sensitive to all scents. It is advised to avoid using any scented products the day before and the day of your hunt for fallow deer, including soaps, shampoo, laundry detergent and cologne. Additionally, fallow deer display an alert posture when they sense a threat; this could mean that they are about to flee. This is only a short example of the kind of information we provide our hunters with for each species.

If you’re even slightly considering a trip to Texas to experience exotic game hunting, don’t wait another minute. Some of the best locations for exotic game are located in the Lone Star State. Nine Bar Ranch offers competitive prices and a variety of packages for our customers. With our packages come meals and lodging, as well as guidance and care for game after harvest. Unlike some ranches, we don’t require any trophy fees. We would love to give you an unforgettable exotic game hunting experience, so don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our website!