One of the things we love most about North Texas hunting is the availability of year-round game. If you are eager to get out and hunt this winter, Nine Bar Ranch is here to create the perfect hunting trip for you, your family, and your friends. Whether you’re looking to take a holiday trip or shake off the post-holiday blues after the new year arrives, we’ve got you covered.

Whitetail Season

Whitetail hunting is happening on our ranch until February 28th! Our large bucks are the Nine Bar Ranch specialty, and this is the perfect time to bag one.

Red Stag

One of the largest deer species, our Red Stag is another gorgeous trophy animal that can be hunted through February 28th. Their large antlers are uniquely shaped, with their straight structure ending in “cups.” This distinct look makes their antlers a standout installation on a trophy wall.

Scimitar Horned Oryx

We offer hunts for our exotic trophy Scimitar Horned Oryx year-round. Texas places no restrictions on the seasons during which Scimitar Horned Oryx may be hunted, so winter remains a great time to pursue this large trophy game.

Sika Deer

Nine Bar’s Sika Deer are medium-sized and offer challenging hunts year-round. Because of their smaller size and elusive behavior, these four- to six-tined deer are a rewarding addition to your trophy wall.

Wild Hog

Wild hogs are hunted year-round in Texas due to their presence as an invasive nuisance species. Your deer gear can be repurposed as hog gear in the off-season, but be prepared for a more challenging hunt. Hogs are powerful, combative animals with thick hides and dense bones.

Our staff can handle the dressing of your hog for a minimal fee, saving you from the most labor-intensive part of hog hunting.


Nine Bar Ranch is one of the premier Texas destinations for Aoudad hunting. Native to Northern Africa and the Atlas Mountains, our aoudad (or Barbary) sheep boast huge trophy horns.

Work on Your Tracking Skills

As you prepare to come hunt with us here on the ranch, brush up on your tracking skills. No matter the season or the game you’re pursuing, your tracking skills are the backbone of a successful hunt.

If you’re not in an active hunt, you can work on your tracking skills by silently stalking off-season animals until you’re close enough that you could take your shot.

The Takeaway

Hunting in North Texas during the winter is just as enjoyable as hunting during any other season. Rather than packing up your gear and waiting for the next deer season to roll around, keep your skills razor-sharp by staying active.

Nine Bar Ranch’s hunting getaways are action-packed year-round, so join us for a trophy hunt!