Texas hunting pro

Today, we’re sharing our top recommendations for new year’s resolutions for the Texas hunting pro. Whether you hunted all throughout 2021 or want to fall in love with hunting again, our list will help you prepare for your best hunting year yet.

  1. Get Organized

Most hunters don’t love this chore, but it’s a great habit to form and maintain. As you sort your gear, make a note of any ammunition, clothing, or supplies you need to replace or refresh. Throw away anything broken or damaged beyond repair. Donate items you no longer use to new hunters or hunters with limited resources.

The more time you invest in gear maintenance and organization, the better you’ll be prepared to take spur-of-the-moment hunts and accept invitations from friends.

  1. Make Time for Target Practice

Like any skill, marksmanship must be maintained and honed. Keep your mind focused and your reflexes swift by making time for target practice throughout the year.

  1. Plan a Trip

Of course, we think 9 Bar Ranch offers the best hunting in Texas. We encourage you to book a trip with us. You can hunt a novel species, connect with your fellow hunters, and take a relaxing vacation all at once.

Even if 9 Bar’s hunting packages aren’t right for you this year, take a trip somewhere to hunt someplace new! There’s nothing quite like it for giving you a renewed love for the hobby.

  1. Find New Spots Near Home

Exploring a new hunting spot in your own area is just as important as taking a trip. You may have fallen into a routine with spots you know and love, but it’s likely there’s a fresh gem hiding just over the horizon.

Examine maps, lurk on hunting forums, or ask local hunters for recommendations of destinations that are brand-new to you. Even if you decide your beloved go-to spots are still best, you’ll have a renewed appreciation for why that’s the case.

  1. Try a New Wild Game Recipe

You’re no stranger to wild game cooking, so why not add new favorites to your skillset? Pick up a new cookbook, read through recipes on hunting sites, or ask a buddy for their favorite ways to prepare the type of game you love to hunt.

  1. Take Care of Your Planet

You are a true outdoors individual, one of the proud Americans who truly sees the majesty of nature. This year, adopt one change that benefits the outdoors you love.

Whether you pick up litter in the woods, plant a few trees, or help hunt down invasive species, we certainly need people like you to help safeguard the planet.

From all of us here at 9 Bar Ranch, we wish you every happiness and successful hunting in this new year.

Would you like to spend some time with us here on the Ranch in 2022? Contact us today for information on hunting packages and available dates. We hope to see you soon!