Whether you’re new to hunting, or are a more experienced hunter who wants to take your skills to the next level, we recommend considering the benefits of hunting with an experienced group guide and other hunters here at Nine Bar Ranch. Hunting with a group is an entirely different experience than hunting on your own, with several distinct advantages.

Today, we want to share our perspective on hunting solo compared to hunting in a group. We believe that beginners and hunting veterans alike can expect great things by opting for a group hunting experience, so let’s dive right in.

Hunting With a Local Expert

Whether or not you bag your dream trophy on a hunt is partially dependent on how well you know a particular region. Here at Nine Bar Ranch, every one of our staff of skilled hunters knows every acre of this land intimately.

Additionally, each of us understands the feeding, mating, rutting, and other minute behavior patterns and “tells” of each type of animal we love to hunt. We know where they tend to congregate, when they’re most likely to be out in the open, and how they’re going to respond when the first shots of the hunt are fired.

Hunting at Nine Bar Ranch is an Educational Opportunity

When you’re hunting with one of our experienced Texas hunting guides, you’re guaranteed to receive answers to every question you have. In fact, we’re eager to assist you before you even pack for your trip! We’ll advise you on what to pack, what you may want to wear on the hunt, what to expect on each day and night of your hunt, your options for dressing game, and the types of trophies you can expect to take home with you.

Once you’ve arrived at the ranch, we jump right into sharing our knowledge on the ins and outs of hunting your species of choice. Whether your next hunting expedition is here at the ranch or out in the wilderness on your own, we know that you want to be as savvy and skilled as you can be.

Hunting With a Guided Group Yields Higher Success Rates

Let’s face it: public lands don’t offer the sheer number and varied types of game that we can here at Nine Bar. As a result, you’re far more likely to snag an impressive trophy during a guided hunt.


Unless you’re a true lone wolf, you’re sure to enjoy the camaraderie you’ll experience as part of a guided group hunt. We’ll be here to act as witness of your hard work, to offer enthusiastic congratulations when you successfully get that shot, and to joyfully relive the best moments of the hunt around the fire at the long day’s end.

You deserve the best hunting experience possible. Call Nine Bar Ranch today; tell us what you’d like to accomplish this hunting season, and we’ll tell you how we can help make your dreams become a reality and a life-long memory that you’ll always cherish.