hunting texas

Due to COVID-19 causing mandated stay-at-home orders and a limited ability to do activities that you once enjoyed, it has seemed in many ways as though life had stopped. Fortunately, we have still been able to continue to engage with others from a distance, and make short trips to outdoor spots as long as we follow social distancing rules. There are many activities that can be enjoyed alone, such as running, cycling, hiking, walking, kayaking, and even swimming in open water areas. You can do these activities solo or with a family member with whom you have been socially isolating. Of all of the activities that are frowned upon during a pandemic, what do authorities say about hunting? Texas Park & Wildlife declares that it’s actually a fantastic activity for the current times.

In January 2020, the word, “coronavirus” started buzzing around, but few people knew the weight that the novel word would hold. By the final days of February, people began to understand that COVID-19 had imminent implications and was on the brink of reaching people on a large scale. Within a few weeks, this novel virus-turned pandemic forced not only the United States to put life on hold, but almost every other country on the globe. Thankfully, some activities haven’t ceased, and one of those happens to be hunting.

Even before the coronavirus surfaced, hunting was a solo or small group activity. Just because COVID-19 is a part of our lives and social distancing is the new normal, it doesn’t mean that hunting by yourself or with a friend has to stop. Just be sure to take the appropriate precautions such as wearing a mask if you and your buddy are riding together in the car to the location. Hunting is also an ideal pastime during the pandemic as it can take place in the outdoors and allows space to spread out as needed.

Once you find your picture-perfect hunting spot, settle in and prepare for several hours being at one with nature. If you enjoy being in the outdoors and hunting is a beloved pastime, you’re also taking steps to care for your mental health, an especially crucial aspect of wellness during this time. Despite restrictions by various levels of governments, all agree that people should actively seek out ways to relieve stress and anxiety.

The Texas Park & Wildlife officials have deemed it absolutely acceptable and legal for citizens in Texas to get out and get their hunt on. In fact, it will encourage the continuous cycle of population control that occurs within nature. Nine Bar Ranch is still open for business, and we are excited that we can still host avid hunters. We are taking the appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of our customers, but don’t worry, we’ve got it all under control. Your only responsibility is finding the trophy you’ve been dreaming of. We look forward to seeing you!