hunting adventure in North Texas

Have you been dreaming of creating a once-in-a-lifetime hunting trip this fall? If the arrival of autumn makes you want to trek into the woods and never come back, you’re in good company – and you certainly don’t have to look too far for a fantastic hunting trip; you have an outstanding opportunity for an unparalleled hunting adventure in North Texas. Sure, it’s possible to spot whitetail deer in numerous areas of the country; however, not only does north Texas provide a diversified population of animals, but also a unique environment in which to capture your trophy. Nine Bar Ranch, comfortably situated just northwest of the busy Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, is an excellent place to plan your next hunting excursion. 

Many of the area’s most beloved businesses, like our ranch, are tethered to a long line of family tradition. Since 1917, Nine Bar Ranch has been a staple of the surrounding community. Initially bought at 1,470 acres by J.T. Waggoner, his passion for the trade was obvious as he continued to expand the ranch until he passed away. Over the last 100 years, the ranch has been operated to its full potential by the Waggoner-Sauder family, and now spreads over an expansive 12,000 acres of spectacular Texas landscape. 

Among those 12,000 acres you’ll find all sorts of interesting topography, but at the same time, the Nine Bar Ranch accommodations are contiguous to the hunting grounds. This proximity offers the perfect distinction between hunting land and the accompanying facilities. At Nine Bar Ranch, we provide an outstanding hunt, delectable meals, lovely lodging, and assistance with the harvesting process. For newbies at this step in the game, we will assist you with each part of the harvest and dressing. We know that all of the “extras” on the hunting trip are just as important as the hunt itself.

At Nine Bar Ranch, you have a wide variety of hunting packages from which to choose. We offer packages that include North Texas exotic hunts such as aoudad, sika, and scimitar horned oryx as well as North Texas deer hunts, turkey hunts, and hog hunts among others. In addition to single hunts, we offer group dove hunts on specific dates in September as well as special seasonal packages. Over the years, those who’ve hunted with us find that it’s nigh on impossible to name all of the benefits of investing your time and money in a hunt at Nine Bar – we love that, and we want all of our hunters to feel the same way. 

We do allow you to use your choice of weapon, with only one limitation – AR weapons are prohibited. In terms of available dates for your hunting adventure, we have quite a variety. Most of our hunts are two days in duration unless otherwise specified or requested. Make sure to contact us to set up your preferred time. Another thing we’re proud of here at Nine Bar is that there are no trophy fees associated with our packages. That means you’re free to hunt without any extra cost. 

No matter what kind of game you’ll be hunting in north Texas, it truly is an amazing opportunity. With countless available trophies and a spectacular hunting scene, you won’t want to leave! Nine Bar Ranch continues to hold a special place in our hearts and in those who have experienced life here. We are absolutely confident that you’ll feel right at home on our beautiful property.